Will Kats - Montana Mountain Man

 Original Juniper Wood Sculptures

         Will Kats is an old friend from the wilds of Montana.  He is a modern day Charles Russell that primarily works with Clearwater River Juniper....a wood so unique sculptures take on an astounding beauty because of the crimson color shades and alternating cream grain lines.  Friend Will was a free trapper for many years in Northwestern Montana. Having trapped and roamed through the Bob Marshal Wilderness, he is inspired by the West's old time trappers and all of it's American Indians and their cultures.  His work has been sold throughout the West and Europe; however, this is Will's only internet site.  The photographs do not do justice to the beauty of his sculptures.  His prices are way below what they should be (this won't last for long).  For further information contact me (Dr. Ben F. Irvin), as Will is a difficult person to reach.


"Cowboy with Slicker"  Price $385

    Carved from Montana Juniper and mounted on Redwood.  Oil finish.  12" x 4" x 6".


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